The cloud is the future....

More and more of our businesses rely on cloud hosting of data and ease of computer communications. Telecity is a supplier of 'premium carrier-neutral' data centres operating across Europe. This was a good long trade for me a while back, until the position got stopped out by a pull-back at the end of 2012.

2014 11 23 Telecity


There have been rises and falls since then, but in the past few weeks, the Telecity's share price has been rising. Why am I buying now?

1. It has made a new high, above the high of July. (ie it has risen through resistance).

2. The ma20 crossed above the ma50 a few months ago.

3. It has made a higher low in Oct, above the low of April (support is rising).

4. It scores a 77 in Stockopedia's StockRankings with high quality and momentum scorings, but a lower value score, suggesting that it might be slightly overpriced.

So I shall be buying Telecity this week.........

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Have a good week. Catch up with you next week.






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