Man Group or Kaz?

There were a good number of candidates as potential trades (14min video) for me this week. Do have a look at the video if you get a chance, because it will give you a feel for how I look at the charts when assessing possible trades. It was quite mixed week for my positions (8 min video) with the oil-related positions taking a hammering and some of the gold positions doing rather better. I have done a video here (3 mins) which will give you my thoughts about how the key indices are doing.

For those of you who are time pressured and haven't a moment to watch videos, here is my trade for this week, which is to go long (buy) Man Group.

2014 11 16 Man group

Why am I buying it?

  1. It has made a new 100 day high

  2. It has a two higher highs below it

  3. It has two lower lows below it

  4. It appears to be rising from a low made in 2012

  5. It one time it was much more expensive (over £7 per share), so if it got anywhere up near there ......

  6. It's quite a liquid stock, so hopefully trend trading will work OK.

As ever, I'm not betting the farm on it and will only take a modest position, so that if it bombs, I wont be too badly hit.



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