My low-stress pension investing technique

I was making some adjustments to my pension portfolio the other day, and thought: 'my website readers might be interested in this'. It is the complete antithesis of my weekly trend-trading technique, and there is a good reason for this: If my trading technique works well for me, then I shall never really need my pension, so it possibly doesn't matter what I do with it. But if my trading technique goes against me in the future, or I make some hideous error with it and blow up my account, then I will need my pension fund. Therefore it does not make sense to manage my pension fund the same way that I manage my trading fund. In fact, what I do with my pension fund is pretty much the opposite of what I get up to here each week.

Is it worth investing 16 mins in thinking about pensions? If you think it is, then view my video here.


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