Buying Green Dragon Gas

This week I plan to buy Green Dragon Gas, a UK AIM-listed stock. It produces gas in China from coal seams, apparently.

Trend-trading reasons to buy:

  1. It has moved up through its 30MA, ie it is recovering from a pull-back

  2. The stock appears to be trending upwards overall.

  3. Its recovering from a low in 2013, but used to trade much higher in 2011 (so it looks like it's got potential).

  4. It is well-capitalised (sixth most capital in AIM 100)

Reasons not to buy:

  1. It's not massively traded only 7 thousand shares traded daily (surprising?)

2014 10 25 Green Dragon Gas

I'll give it a go! If you are interested in having a look at my thoughts about some of the other trades I considered placing, then click here (11 mins).

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