Selling property (Groundhog Day)

Hi. What will this weeks Scottish referendum bring to the markets?  Here is a video (6 mins) of my view of the markets this week, and here is a video (11mins) about how my current open trades are doing.

OK, I know, I know, I keep going on about housebuilders and property crashes.... My previous short trade on Rightmove got stopped out for a loss. But, hey, its  a numbers game, and we all know that not all of our trades are going to be winners. So I have shorted Rightmove again. The price is dropping from the rebound that stopped my previous trade out:

2014 09 13 Rightmove

It has dropped below the 50MA.  If it keeps going down , then I will make money.....

This is not the only property trade that I have done this week. Regular readers will recall me setting up an order to sell to open Grainger, the residential property company, a few weeks ago. That trade was not triggered then, but this week it has been and  so I have opened a new short position on Grainger:

2014 09 13 Grainger

This chart is more convincing than the Rightmove chart: a series of lower highs and a series of lower lows, with a break of the 50MA. If you would like to see a video (5 mins) about my thoughts on these trades , then click here.

So I have two trades that will do well if the property market falls....



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