Buying Oil, Pharmaceuticals and selling property

Hi. I hop you have had a good week!

Here are my thoughts about the markets. I like to start my weekly trading with a review of how different markets have performed during the week.

If you click here you can see a video about my current open positions (its about 11min long)

Oil: The price of Crude Oil has been trading within a rising wedge. Currently the price is at the lower range of the wedge and, I think, represents a good time to buy. I have a number of ways of doing this: buy crude oil on a spreadbet, or as an ETF (CRUD). I could buy the leveraged oil ETF (LOIL). An alternative would be do buy the share, or a call option of an oil and gas producer, such as Exxon. The share price of Exxon has mirrored the price of oil. Exxon is a massively liquid stock, so I don't have any concerns about exiting a trade on this share.

Pharmaceuticals: I have placed a long trade (buy) order on Infinity Pharmaceuticals. This looks like a good turn-around ploy. It looks to me like it has found a floor around $9 and is rising from there.

Property: This week, the price of Redrow, Telford Homes and Rightmove all closed below their averages for the past 12 months. This to me is a sign of the property market cooling. Readers of this blog will know that I did have a short position on Rightmove a few weeks ago, that got stopped out. I have also in the recent past had an order to open short Grainger which was not previously triggered. Grainger is falling again, and I have set an order to open short if it falls below the recent June low.

Apologies for the lack of graphics on this post - some technical hitch on the blog. I have just used links to bigcharts.  Hopefully sorted for next week's post! That's it for this week.




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