2014 07 19 Manufacturing doing badly. Miners doing well

Hi there! Sorry that I have bee quiet for athe past couple of weeks - on holiday!

On with business then:

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My thoughts about new positions are as follows:

GKN are a manufacturer of auto parts. The car industry in the UK is not performing well, and presumably this is impacting on the suppliers of car parts - like GKN:

2014 07 19 GKN graph

I plan to go short GKN on Monday. It fulfills most of my criteria for a sell trade. I may do the deal as a CFD trade.

Another trade that I plan to do on Monday is a buy trade of a miner - Centamin - this is a gold miner and its graph looks like a good buying opportunity to me:

2014 07 19 Centamin graph

It passes all the criteria on my buying checklist.

Three of my positions have been stopped out for losses during the past couple of weeks: the price of ITV rose, closing out my short trade, RealD dropped down through its stop, and my long Peabody energy position dropped down through its stop, which I think I have placed wrongly. If you want to see a video of those trades, and my other open positions, click here.

Hope you have a great week!


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