2014 06 09 Buying Imagination Technologies

I have placed a buy trade this week of Imagination Technologies. I am doing this as a CFD trade. Click here to read more about CFDs) This is my first CFD trade, and I think that it may have advantages over the spread-betting platform that I have used: CFDs do not expire, so this means that there is no roll-over cost to run the trade long-term, and as you know, my trading technique is to look for long-term trends that can last for months. However, CFDs require financing - so there is a charge to run the CFD overnight. I will see how this works out with this trade. The advantage to this is that I can let time help me, and there is no end-point for the trade. It may be cheaper to buy the stock and hold it for a long-term buy trade. Short-trading can probably only be done with a CFD (I think).


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