2014 04 11 Weekly update with new trades - buying Aluminium and selling Japan

In this video I discuss two new trades - going long (buying) ETFS Aluminium and going short (selling) the Nikkei 225. I also talk about some trades that have closed this week, two for a loss, and one for a profit.

This has not been a good week for my trading strategy. The markets have been very volatile and have largely moved sideways or down, with the exception of my open trade in ETFS coffee which has performed very well.
One of the lesson that I am learning is that it pays to be diversified in my trading, and having both long and short positions open in stocks, and long and short positions open in commodities. My forex trade of last week is performing quite well, and I plan to do more forex trading in the future. Those of you who have traded forex will know just how tricky this can be though.....


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