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Look how much my gold investment has risen!....

50 years since man landed on the moon... and here's a lovely picture of the moon for you to enjoy as the introduction to this week's video!

Here are my thoughts on the different asset classes this week:

Shares: I'm remaining invested here. No great change in the value of my fund this week.

Property: This fund rose moderately this past week, so I'll remain invested in it as it's above the 'green line'

Gold: This has risen a lot since my I invested in it last autumn. Watch the video above to find out just how much it has risen!

Commodities: I thought that I would have had a signal to invest in this fund by now, but the past 2 weeks it has flat-lined and has not generated a buy signal, so, I remain in cash

Crypto: A bad week for my crypto investment. It dropped a lot! But it's still up a whopping 85% overall.  There is a good graph of this in the video

Bonds: If you follow my videos you will know that I am permanently invested here, so no change, of course.

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